Ohhh I miss him, a lot!

Elena: I don't want you to do it.

Stefan : What do you talking about? Elena, we don't have a choice.

Elena: What about Klaus?

Stefan: We'll find him but after we got the moonstone.

Elena: Is that before of after he kills everyone that I care about including the two of you? (She's pointing out to the two brothers, Stefan and Damon).

- The Vampire Diaries, Season 2 Ep.10 : Sacrifice-

Wanna know how Damon reacts after what Elena has said? He was freaking shocked! Lol!

He's kinda unexpected that Elena care about him too.

But the truth is, I miss him a lot! 2 weeks in a row without a new episode makes me wanna take him out from my lappy and bring him to life. Haha.

Gila la..

Is there any kind heart wicked, funny, pathetic yet protective over his love ones just like this guy out there?

Kalau ada, saya mau cop satu!!! @cinta

Kalau tak dapat Damon, Flynn Rider ni pun ok. Lol!

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